I am sitting on my couch watching the E! Network and blogging in Ethiopia…surreal!

What a time since last I blogged….

Keeping 13 year olds with their babies, taking fistula patients to Addis Ababa, meeting some amazing people, and catching up with some old friends.

So what else has been happening…I am driving to Ambo 2-3 times a week (5-6 hours drive in a day), meeting with government bodies, police and families. I never know what my day is going to bring and I think this is one of the most exciting things about my work here. I wake up and think “oh, nothing on today, so Ruby and I will have a PJ day.” THEN I get a phone call and the day goes from nothing to WOW in 10 seconds. BUT I am always grateful…grateful for new friends, grateful for old friends, and grateful for readers of this blog.

The police station in Ambo has this amazing room that has four beds in it for women who are escaping a violent situation. We managed to raise some money and buy new mattresses, pillows, sheets and blankets for them. The Inspector in charge of this is an amazing woman; she speaks a little English and I speak a little Amharic, but we have this great friendship that is real and really no BS (can I say BS in a blog?) She shows me the reality of life in Ambo and I show her how we can try and help. And when I say “we,” I mean, “you and me” help. “We” can help with material things, “We” can help with emotional support, “We” can help with just basic needs.


So, while this blog is an update, it is also a continual THANKS to all of you for your emotional support of me, financial support of the NGO, and the emails and messages of encouragement that always arrive when they are needed the most.

Time for a cuppa tea I think!

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