I was never any good at waiting. I still have trouble with waiting even now, however, since moving to Addis Ababa I have become the expert at waiting. Waiting for planes to arrive, waiting for luggage, waiting for people, waiting for employees to return, waiting for signatures, waiting for stamps, waiting for the container of aid, waiting, waiting, waiting…

So, as I type this, I am waiting again. Waiting for the Aunties and guards in Ambo to sign photos. These are not just any photos; they are photos of themselves that they have to sign for their ID cards for work…but still I wait. This one ‘doesn’t like her hair’, this one is ‘smiling funny’, this one ‘it too dark’. It’s a photo. We are not placing it on a billboard; we are using it for your ID that you will only ever show the authorities if they ask for it, which rarely happens.

So you would never know if I didn’t type this, BUT the blog was on hold whilst we packed the car and headed out to drive back from Ambo to Addis Ababa. I am finishing typing as we sit in torrential rain and hailstones… and yet again, we wait. We wait for the rain and hailstones to stop so we can drive again, as you cannot see more than 10metres in front of you, and on these roads, it’s better to wait.





So, while I am waiting, I am dreaming of being home with my cuppa tea in hand and Ruby next to me on the couch, telling me about her day. However, instead I wait and thankfully, I am now the expert at waiting, but please don’t test me when we meet!

Unfortunately, we got home too late to share my cuppa tea and to chat with Ruby, but I did get to give her a quick cuddle before she fell asleep on me!


Mum and ruby

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