I am in and out of many police stations these days. Nothing to do with breaking the law but with babies and children.

Today I experienced something that shook me to the core.
A husband and wife (all of 18 years of age) are in the inspector’s office with us. They were fighting last week and the husband struck the wife. The wife started screaming and fighting and threw their five month old baby on the ground.
The husband’s family called the police. The wife was arrested until they could establish if the baby was dead or alive. The baby, a girl, was alive and well and now the husband’s family want the baby.
I witnessed a mother handing over her five month old baby girl. I witnessed a mother downtrodden and unable to care for a child. She, herself a child, with no family to help her.
Another husband and wife walked in with their four  year old son – I had to leave.
From now on, I choose to get angry at poverty and I choose to get angry at sickness.
My heart is breaking…..
Do you choose to be angry with me www.gofundme.com/shamidabv

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