Long time between blogs…

Well it has been long time between blogs. There are many excuses I could come up with but to be honest, I was waiting for news to share and as I am still waiting, I thought I would blog to pass the time.

It makes me laugh that I say “to pass the time”…

I don’t seem to have enough time in the day at the moment. Ruby started school (and loves it) however, we are up and out of the house by 7.30am (which isn’t hard as she normally rises at 6am), I drop her at school, meet some people that have called the day before and are in town for a short while, meet with some government people, grab some groceries for dinner (actually for Ruby’s school lunches and boy, aren’t they fun to make EVERY DAY!!!), then a few skype calls and emails, back to school to pick Ruby up, off to do one more thing before heading home, dinner, bath, bed (for Ruby) and then a cuppa tea for me. Before I know it, it’s 8pm and I am back on skype with someone who I promised to speak to after Ruby was asleep. I try and stumble into bed shortly after the skype call ends. And some nights I will confess, I am in bed by 8pm!!!


So when I say, “to pass the time”, I have no idea what I mean. I have a rare 10 minutes now and I am loving that I can blog.

So, I really wanted this blog to be about how amazing people are, how amazing it is that I have some people who are so supportive and caring, and have a real heart for what we are doing here. Oh, I have my share of haters too and I am ok with that. My dad always said that not everyone will like you in life and the sooner you learn that, the easier life will become. I am not here to be a people – pleaser of those who don’t live here (and even of those who do I guess). I am here to help women and children. I am here to maybe help one person and additional people are a bonus.

To my haters, keep hating – it motivates me. BUT to those who are encouraging and believe in what we are doing over here, keep loving. Not just loving what is happening here in Ethiopia, but love those around you, love what you do, just love. I know it’s simple but if we choose love, we can achieve so much more by focusing our energy on love and not on hate. I choose to love my haters. I love it that I am motivated, that through the worst hurdles I have stayed here, stayed true to what I came to do, and will definitely continue to love. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it’s hard and I would love to just hate right back but then I wonder why? I struggle and struggle and then I see my gorgeous daughter as she climbs into her big girl bed at night and every night, after a song, she looks at me and says, “oh, I just forgot to tell you mum…I love you”. I struggle because I love to love.

So while I “pass the time” here waiting for the news, I will pass it loving people, places and things.

So to my haters, keep hating, because I have too much love and it’s going to take more from you, than me.

AND finally to my believers, supporters and encouragers, keep believing, supporting and encouraging. We can never have too much LOVE!

Now I definitely need that cuppa tea that I LOVE!