Timket, Tree and Triumph

Melkam Timket!

One of the most revered holidays for the Orthodox Christians is in full swing, what a colorful parade and it’s only just begun. Today the Orthodox Christians have paraded through towns, villages and the city to take the Tabot containing the Ten Comandments to an open area to gather. Even in the sleepy town of Legetafo (where I live) they paraded behind my home and Shamida. Although, I cannot lie, I was out walking with Ruby when they paraded down and my friend Xanthe took the photo you see below.

Image 1

The tree, most of you will find this trivial however, here it is…a cow wandered onto my front lawn and squished a tree. Now, I have 7 growing along the front of my house, bottlebrush trees to remind me of Australia and this week I finally go around to replacing it.

Image 4

And finally the triumph, I have some amazingly exciting news and while I know you are all on the edge of your seats reading fast to see what the news is, you will just have to wait! I will let you all know when the triumph is full blown success.

Time for another cuppa tea, windows open, cold night breezing coming in but I get to listen to the celebrations on the street and its another reminder that I am lucky to live in one of the most culture rich countries in the world. It makes the power and water issue disappear.

Image 5