Life is short…


I was walking around the area on Saturday with Ruby, having one of our afternoon strolls (or actually “it’s not raining stroll”) and came across many many many cars at a place just up the road…everyone was going in and out of this house where a young family lived and had their two small children. Being who I am I started chatting to some of the “guests” going in an out and found out that the mother had passed away and left two small children and a devastated husband.

A very good friend of mine died earlier this year and she is constantly in my heart especially when I cook  (she loved cooking) or when I just am free and enjoy life. My friend lived life to the full and she also left behind two children and a husband.

Then last month, my uncle died, he was not well and it was not unexpected however still so sad and he too leaves a hole in the heart of the whole family.

What this year has taught me is that life is short…dance in the rain, sing in the shower, take risks and most importantly LIVE YOUR DREAM.

So when I turned the corner to go home, I saw this lone yellow flower…the end of the rainy season is near and this little bright flower tells me this and simply makes me smile!