A post about nothing…

I feel like there is nothing much to blog about as the paper work war continues, I get to fight it from home, sitting on my bed as my daughter runs in and out with different toys.




And while the paper work war continues I am also answering a never ending amount of emails of friends, family, people I’ve never met (who are definitely friends) and strangers offering me support and encouragement and just being there! So to all of you, I say thanks. Thanks for being there, through the rough times and the good times, “thick and thin”.

I am reminded of a saying, not sure who to quote for it…”My true friends are there, not just to cheer me up BUT to cheer me on”. So for those that are always cheering my up by cheering me on, remember this is all of our dream, not just mine!





It’s never too late to live happily ever after…

So, it has been a few weeks (okay more like a month) and here I am again, back at the dinning room table, culpa tea to my left, Shamida out the window to my right and at my back the local taxi rank (horse and carts).

I came back from Dubai yesterday, had some Dubai work to finalise. You forget about things when you are away from them like, hot and humid temps of over 40c, heat rash, how good cold feels when you walk inside after coming indoors and how cold it feels when you have been inside too long. You miss things too when you are away for a week or so likeā€¦the rain, the ability to be outdoors for more than 10 mins at a time, the solitude, the green, green, green grass and trees, the smiles of locals and the power outages (well, I don’t miss them too much).

But as I sit here with the power out, with Ruby snoozing on the couch and me, just enjoying another cuppa tea I realise it’s not too late to live happily ever after and I think at the age of 42, I’ve finally done that!

Anyway, back to unpacking and sorting the aid and luggage from Dubai and preparing for some more volunteers next week.