Ham Sandwiches and Hyenas

As I sit at my dinning room table, Barney movie on the TV and cuppa tea in hand I recall the events of last night and thought it warranted a post!

We have some new parents staying at Shamida currently and so in the spirit of shared exhaustion, theirs from baby and mine from driving around Addis Ababa, I thought ham, cheese and tomato toasted sandwiches was the perfect menu for dinner. Little did I know it would lead to a close encounter with our neighborhood hyena!

So, toasting their sandwiches I head next door to Shamida, all of 15 meters away…and have what I would call a calm, close encounter…I step out of our gate, head to the right, stop dead in my tracks and think, “stay calm, stay calm, do they smell fear like dogs”, I stand there for what seemed like hours (maybe 10 seconds) and the neighborhood hyena runs so fast past me (about 1 meter next to me – eeeekkkkk), I realize what’s happened run back inside the gate and by then am shaking so hard can’t close the gate. I turn around to see my watchman laugh (like a hyena) and me still shaking!!! That was too close for comfort.

In the end we all survived, me, the hyena and the ham sandwiches (although I did make the husband, armed with a broom, come over and get them).

Another experience I would have never had it I wasn’t living in this amazing country!

Needless to say no photos! Dark and shaking hands don’t make for good photos 🙂