Volunteers, volunteers and more volunteers…

In the last few weeks we have had over 10 volunteers and 4 more arriving soon. They have come (and are coming) from Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Jordan and Australia…who knew people would come from far and wide as well as close to home.



Sorting aid, painting, cleaning, gardening, drilling, sewing and some more painting…




Meanwhile, I have completed another step in the paper war and a few of us should be  heading to Jimma soon. We have had to wait for the conflict in the region to settle down and have managed to have some security arranged for the trip.

Well must finish the post here as with all the volunteers I am becoming well known at the airport and need to make another trip there soon.

Despite the late night airport runs I love having all the guys here…confirms for me I’m headed I the right direction with all the amazing support.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.18.59 pm

Am I really here…

I was having some down time, sitting with my mum, watching “Call the Midwife”, eating some m&m’s, while chatting to friends of Facebook…wondering where I was…Sydney, Dubai or Addis Ababa? Then I looked out the kitchen window as I made another culpa tea and saw the local traffic jam and realised I am living the dream!


I awoke rather suddenly from that dream, when raw sewerage started flowing through the back of Shamida…yes, raw sewerage!!!! Not posting pictures of that (as I didn’t take any). Happened to be a public holiday yesterday so we are hoping to have the “issue” fixed today and I am sure you will hear the sigh of relief from me from where ever you are in the world reading this…bright side is…well, actually there is no bright side that I can see from this “issue”.

Until next time…

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 4.36.09 pm

And just for fun…here’s the local lawn mower!