New way of life…

Today is my gorgeous daughters birthday and I am currently lying in the back of the car while Sami drives around a few streets in Addis Ababa looking for the people who took the wing mirror from the car so we can buy it back. If they see a “firenji” in the car the price will double. So happy 2nd birthday Rubilicious as we learn a new way of life!!!

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 4.30.55 pm

Shamida Shenanigans

Many people have asked me to start a blog and here it finally is! Thanks to my wonderful nephew for setting this up and I am a little computer challenged (probably more than a little if you asked him!).

I will try and write in this weekly so, share it with friends who may be interested in seeing the progress. I am not a writer and  spelling is not my forte so thank goodness for spell check, but I am apologising in advance for any spelling and grammatical errors.

I am in Dubai for another 24 hours before heading home to Addis Ababa (I like the sound of that “home to Addis”) and will take some photos and tell some stories of things that happen (funny, sad or other) and hopefully at the same time keep you all updated on the progress and shenanigans of Shamida!

So, stay tuned and tell your friends!